• Departments


Accounting Department Internal Auditor
Federal Programs Account / School Accounts
Accounting Department Manager
Payroll Account / Attendance
Accounts Payable / Purchasing Manager / Workers’ Compensation Contact
Information Systems Coordinator
Director of Personnel
Department Secretary
District Technology Coordinator
Senior Network Support Technician
G-Suite Administrator and Network Support Technician
Network Support Technician
District Communications Manager
Apple Device Technician
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Supervisor of Elementary Education
Supervisor of Middle School Education
Director of Operations
DESS Secretary
Pupil Appraisal Coordinator
DESS Coordinator (High-School/Transition)
IEP Facilitator
Director of Special Education
DESS Program Coordinator (PreK-3)
DESS Program Coordinator (4th-8th)
Secretary (SER Jurisdiction/Records)
Acting School Nurse Coordinator
Federal Programs Accountant
Coordinator/Intervention Specialist
Coordinator of Homeless Education & Parental Involvement
Early Childhood Coordinator
Supervisor of Migrant and Early Childhood
Director of Federal Programs
District Title IX Coordinator
Interim District Testing Coordinator
Child Nutrition District Manager
Child Nutrition Secretary
Child Nutrition Specialist
LA4 Pre-K Resource Coordinator
Magnet School Nurse Coordinator
L.P. Vaughn School Nurse
L.P. Vaughn School Nurse
L.P. Vaughn Special Ed.
Marthaville/NSUM School Nurse
NCHS School Nurse
NJH School Nurse
Fairview Alpha School Nurse
Provencal School Nurse
Coordinator/Intervention Specialist
District Maintenance Coordinator
Field Foreman
Warehouse Clerk
Main/HVAC/Mechanic I
Maintenance Technician
Maintenance/HVAC/Mechanic III
Maintenance Techician
Child Welfare & Attendance
Head Start Executive Director
Head Start Director
Head Start Transitional Coordinator
Head Start Disability /FCE/ ERSEA Coordinator
Purchasing Coordinator
Grants Accountant
Payroll/Degreed Accountant
Accounting Manager
Financial Auditor
Benefits Coordinator/Payroll Assistant
Director of Federal Programs
Supervisor of Migrant and Early Childhood
Early Childhood Coordinator
Educational Diagnostician/Child Search Coordinator
Coordinator of Homeless Education & Parent Involvement
Pre-K Resource Nurse Coordinator
Acting School Nurse
Director of Personnel
Executive Secretary