Early Childhood

Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Care and Education Network  serves children in their preschool years before they are old enough to enter Kindergarten. Our network consists of 5 public school Pre-K Programs, 5 Head Starts, and 9 Childcare Centers.


Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Network will help all children reach their full potential and acquire a lifelong love for learning.

Coordinated Application/Eligibility

Applications are being accepted for the 2020-2021 school year. The application should be completed for all publicly funded programs located in Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Care and Education Network.

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Birth - 2 Scholarship Application

These scholarships are intended to lay the groundwork for communities to pilot innovative strategies to address their greatest needs and expand seats that can be scaled in future years.

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If you have questions, visit our website teachingtomorrownow.com or call (318) 352-8389.

Ready Start Natchitoches (RSN) Blueprint Summary

RSN is a coalition of individuals committed to creating and implementing a bold local vision for early childhood. RSN is driven by our community’s need to improve opportunities and inspire change for children birth to age five. These individuals will continuously meet to create a seamless and coherent system, leverage funding/maximize investments, and increase the quality of and access to early childhood opportunities. To view the RSN Blueprint Summary click here. For a more detailed version of the Ready Start Natchitoches Blueprint, please email ctcole@nat.k12.la.us 

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