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Early Childhood

Teaching Tomorrow Now

Early Childhood Screenings 2021

Public School Pre-K Programs

Public Elementary Schools Serve 4-year-olds

These programs will work collaboratively with families and the community in order to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate, early childhood education that will meet the diverse needs of all participating children and prepare them for a positive and successful educational experience.

Applications are accepted year round.  There is no cost to enroll in a Pre-K Program and transportation is provided. Pre-K is not required; therefore, there are a limited number of seats available.  For more information, visit www.teachingtomorrownow.com or visit the Louisiana School and Center Finder at www.louisianaschools.com.


Early Childhood
Natchitoches Parish Network

Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Care and Education Network 6 public school Pre-K Programs, 5 Head Starts, and 9 Childcare Centers.


Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Network will help all children reach their full potential and acquire a lifelong love for learning.

Applications are being accepted for the 2021-2022 school year. The application should be completed for all publicly funded programs located in Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Care and Education Network.


Visit the Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Network website at teachingtomorrownow.com or the Louisiana Department of Education Schools and Centers Finder at www.louisianaschools.com.

RSN is a coalition of individuals committed to creating and implementing a bold local vision for early childhood. RSN is driven by our community’s need to improve opportunities and inspire change for children birth to age five. These individuals will continuously meet to create a seamless and coherent system, leverage funding/maximize investments, and increase the quality of and access to early childhood opportunities.


For a more detailed version of the Ready Start Natchitoches Blueprint, please email Cassaundra.Anderson@nat.k12.la.us.

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Departmental Staff

Julee Wright
Director of Federal Programs
Cassaundra Anderson
Supervisor of Migrant and Early Childhood
Melissa Caprio-White
Early Childhood Coordinator
Em Horton
Educational Diagnostician/Child Search Coordinator
Helen Calhoun
Coordinator of Homeless Education & Parent Involvement
Rebecca Phelps
Pre-K Resource Nurse Coordinator
Sarah Allison
Acting School Nurse