• Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School
  • Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School
  • Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School
  • Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School
  • Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School

Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School

Fred Dickinson

Message from Principal

Dear Wildcat Family,

Coming in as a new principal was overwhelming as a whole, but the community has made the transition less stressful. So from the bottom of my heart “Thank you” for opening up your arms and community to me and my family. It was awesome how the Goldonna students, faculty, and parents embraced me with open arms as the new principal. The tremendous support of everyone to foster and assist in the growth of this school is a blessing.

I am extremely excited to serve as the principal at Goldonna Elementary/Junior High School. The positive attitudes and enthusiasm for the students’ education and success has amazed me. Every day I find myself excited to come to this community and see everyone’s smiling faces and the enthusiasm to see OUR students grow as a result of their own diligence and strength of character and their teachers’ and parents’ devotion and perseverance to make this community the best that it can be.

Goldonna has a exceptional community whose encouraging environment and assets ensure that no one is timid to strive towards reaching his or her full capability. There is no greater gratification than watching each and every student flourish.

I look forward to serving many years as the principal at Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School .

Fred Dickinson
Goldonna Elementary/Jr. High School


Goldonnna Elementary Junior High School will be a nurturing, caring, and safe environment that supports the needs of all students academically and socially to become well rounded productive individuals in this ever changing competitive world. Classes will be academically engaging with rigor and relevance and standards-based, focusing on differentiated instruction for all students.

Our students will be Courageous, Ambitious, Trustworthy and Strong.



Community And Educators: We Are Only As Strong As Our Weakest Link.


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