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Natchitoches Magnet School

Mrs. Stephonie A. French, Ed.S.

Principal’s Message

December 6, 2020

I hope all of our Mustang families had a wonderful Christmas break and you are as excited as we are to get back to school!

With the many challenges that we have faced this year, as the leader of this amazing school, I have been thinking about ways that we can bring some fun and excitement into our school day. COVID has changed the landscape of school this year and really taught us to appreciate all of the amazing things this school has been able to do in the past. School does look different this year, but that is no reason to not have fun!  

We are excited to announce a new competition for our students to participate in for the second part of the year. We will begin incorporating the house system based upon The Ron Clark Academy! The week of January 11-15th, students and teachers will get a letter letting them know what house they have been accepted into. The house assignments are random. A PBIS teacher team member will head each house and the students will compete to earn points for their house. 

We will have 5 houses and each house will be named from our PBIS Motto: Pride. Each house has its own color and over time we will create mottos, songs, and other characteristics for each house. Our houses are: 

Team Positive - Periwinkle 

Team Respectful - Red 

Team Independent - Indigo 

Team Dedicated - Dandelion 


Team Engaged – Emerald 

Each classroom will have a set of containers, one for each house. As students complete a challenge, they will get a pompom for their house. Each week, we will come and empty the containers into the larger house containers. The first house to fill the larger containers will win a prize. We will focus on 4 things for giving pompoms in January: 

1. Completing all work on time (daily) 

2. Making an "A" on a test. 

3. Making the most improved grade on an assignment. 

4. Citizenship 

Magnet Mustangs have always been a competitive group, so we think this will be a fun approach to a challenging year. We will communicate progress to students every week via the intercom and to parents through the parent email. We will adjust what we are awarding pompoms for as new ideas are realized. 

The first prize will be a take home popcorn party! Please try to hype this up with us! We will have a house day later this month for kids to dress in their house colors! We will let you know when our house draft will take place so you can ask your student about it!  

Thanks for being a great partner in your child’s education!  




Mrs. Stephonie French, Ed.S
Principal, Natchitoches Magnet School

About us

Natchitoches Magnet School is a selective admissions school. Students must take an entrance exam in May prior to being accepted into the program. Students must also maintain a good attendance record, a GPA of 2.5 or higher, Basic or above on all sections of the state assessment, and a behavioral record with no more than 2 major referrals in a given year.

Vision and Mission

Natchitoches Magnet School is a school where the teachers, administrators and staff are models of life-long learners, continuing to learn about and improve the instruction in the classroom and beyond to lead our students to their greatest potential using the most current research – based teaching strategies and technology to ensure our students’ success.


“Pulling Together Today, Making a Better Tomorrow”.


strong start

Natchitoches Magnet School is excited to welcome back our students for the 2020-2021 school year. The safety and success of all of our students is our number one priority. We have been hard at work to ensure our students and faculty have a strong start to this school year. We have created a Strong Start plan to show what to expect at Magnet this year. 


Since COVID-19 has caused Natchitoches Parish to go virtual, Natchitoches Parish Schools have transitioned to virtual learning using Google Classroom. Virtual students are completing courses via Google Classroom at home vs. on campus. With that being said, students still may need extra help or one-on-one time with their teachers. Natchitoches Magnet School has released the times for virtual students to meet with their teachers via live Google Meet sessions. Students will need to contact their teacher for codes to join the live meeting.

Please view the document below to see the times your student can meet with their teacher.

Are you interested in bettering Provencal Elementary/Jr. High and Natchitoches Parish Schools? If so, we are looking for you!! NPSB has created advisory councils for our parents, students and teachers to serve on and provide feedback on how to better the district as a whole!

If you are in 7th grade or above, you are eligible to apply for the Student Leadership Council!

If you are interested in being on one of the councils, please fill out an application and email it to Chynna Paris at Chynna.Paris@nat.k12.la.us.

Please refer to these resources for more information about the plans the Natchitoches Parish School Board has implemented to ensure a successful Strong Start for the 2020-2021 school year!

Administrative Staff

Alyssa Wright
Codie Goings
School Coordinator
Stephonie French



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