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Natchitoches Virtual Academy

Offering Online Education Using a Blended Learning Approach

The Natchitoches Virtual Academy (NVA) is an educational program that is offered through the Natchitoches Parish Public School System and is an extension of the regular school setting. NVA offers students an opportunity to complete academic requirements through two personalized programs including a fully online curriculum as well as an accelerated option for self-motivated independent learners.

The Virtual Academy will offer similar academic rigor to that of traditional face-to-face instruction. While students receive instruction and complete coursework online, an NVA Teacher will be available to offer additional guidance on difficult to understand topics. Each NVA student is expected to meet weekly with his/her NVA Teacher.

Online learning offers flexibility and personalization that is not always available in the traditional classroom setting. NVA will allow each student to work individually toward their unique academic and life goals while maintaining close contact with local faculty.  Please click on the links below  our principal's message to view more details about the educational programs we are offering.


A Message From The Principal

Kristie Irchirl

Welcome to the Natchitoches Virtual Academy!  We are excited and looking forward to building a productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential in our virtual academy. We recognize that in order to be successful in school, our children need support from both, home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s virtual education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities. The middle school and high school years are a time for growth, challenge, and discovery. At Natchitoches Virtual Academy, we encourage students to participate fully in their home-based schools' activities, to take calculated risks, to be self-advocates, and to create lasting memories and relationships with peers and staff of both our school and their home-based schools. I am proud to be the principal of such an exciting, innovative, and dynamic school.

The foundation for our students’ success is based on the partnership among students, staff, and parents. Active parent participation is essential to our success. Parents can check academic progress regularly via our student progress center (https://jcampus.nat.k12.la.us/progress)  and can access information about school events on our website. Our teachers will provide a nurturing environment in which students can learn, take risks, and thrive. Student work, in partnership with our parent community, has and will continue to support us to fulfill our school mission to connect with the community, parents, and our partner schools in Natchitoches Parish; customize learning to meet the needs of students; and complete grade progression and/or high school credits.  Again, we are looking forward to working with each of you and your child/children this year. We believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. We are one team united for one common purpose – to educate our children. Our TEAM includes students, parents, teachers, and the community!

Kristie Irchirl, Principal
Natchitoches Virtual Academy

Personalized Programs

NVA offers two personalized pathways for student learning: 1) a fully online curriculum and 2) an accelerated learning program. 
Please select one of the two programs below to learn more.

Full Time Virtual


Expectations for Parents and Guardians


  • The parent/legal guardian agrees to provide reliable and sufficient internet to access the required coursework of at least 3 Mbps per student in the household (per the bandwidth requirements of Google Meet). A wireless hotspot or connection to a mobile phone is not sufficient and will not meet the requirements. Parents should contact their internet provider for details about their internet speed. Proof of internet service is required to complete the application process to NVA.
  • The parent/legal guardian agrees to provide transportation to the NVA school site for any device repairs or replacements that may be needed due to equipment damage or failure.
    • The parent/legal guardian agrees to provide adequate supervision to ensure proper usage and care of virtual equipment and the student iPad provided by NVA.
  • The parent/legal guardian agrees to provide adequate adult supervision to ensure classroom rules/participation expectations and behavior expectations are being followed and that course work is being completed.
  • The parent/legal guardian agrees to provide adequate adult supervision to ensure the student meets attendance requirements for daily instruction and weekly teacher meetings.
  • Students will be required to take all state-mandated tests as assigned. This may require transportation to the home school site at regular intervals dependent upon each student’s courseload. The parent/legal guardian agrees to provide transportation for each student to their home school site for testing.
  • In accordance with the NVA Student Handbook, students that violate the probationary contract of enrollment or do not meet the demands of virtual instruction will be asked to return to face-to-face instruction to better facilitate the learning process. Should this occur, the parent/legal guardian agrees to return virtual equipment and iPad to NVA, complete the registration process at the home school site, and have the student present for face-to-face instruction as designated by administration of NVA and the home school site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Although you are a student with Natchitoches Virtual Academy, you will still be considered a student at your home-based school. Students can participate in all of the sports, organizations, and activities as if they were on campus.

Yes! All students and parents will be required to attend an Orientation Session at the start of the school year. There may be other times when parents and students are invited to campus.

Yes! All Natchitoches Virtual Academy students will be assigned an iPad and charger at New Student Orientation. Keeping up with this iPad and keeping it adequately charged for instruction is the responsibility of the student and parent. When the student unenrolls from NVA, the iPad will need to be returned in the same condition that it was assigned.

There is no cost to attend Natchitoches Virtual Academy. However, while the details are still being worked out, there may be a small cost associated (textbooks) with the Accelerated Learning Program.

Yes! Students will be able to participate in all of the celebrations with their home-based school.

All virtual students must have (and maintain) reliable internet to participate in Natchitoches Virtual Academy. A cell phone data plan is not reliable enough for virtual instruction.

Students in the Accelerated Learning Program will be able to move at their own pace and work ahead of schedule as long as they continue to meet or exceed the assignment due dates. However, full-time virtual students must adhere to the pacing requirements of the courses in which they are enrolled.

Students will complete standardized testing (LEAP 2025, ACT, etc) at their home-based school as when it is scheduled.

Yes, you do not need to wear a uniform, all students are required to abide by the Natchitoches Virtual Academy dress code when participating in virtual instruction and one-on-one meetings with faculty.

Students can reach an administrator or teacher via their office phone or email at any time during school hours. If a problem arises after hours or on the weekend, students should email their teacher.

Students and parents will need to provide reliable internet service and similar school supplies as is necessary for on-campus instruction – notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. It is helpful for students to provide a calendar or planner in addition to their virtual calendar.

You will have the opportunity to return to face-to-face instruction at the beginning of the next semester. However, if you are not logging in and completing your coursework, you may be asked to return to face-to-face instruction during the academic year.

7:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Monday-Friday

All students will need to adhere to the minimum pacing requirements and turn in coursework as it is due. You may take as much time as needed as long as you continue to submit your assignments by the due dates provided.


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Administrative Staff

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