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Public Notice - NPSB Announces 2021-2022 Kid Superintendent

NPSB Announces the 2021-2022 Kid Superintendent and Recognizes Nominees 

April 8, 2021

The Natchitoches Parish School Board announced the 2021 NPSB Kid Superintendent, Amsden Pasch, at the Thursday, April 8th board meeting and recognized nominees with certificates for their participation.

“A few weeks ago, we sent out a search for NPSB’s Kid Superintendent for our upcoming social media campaign,” says NPSB District Communications Manager, Chynna Paris. “We received 16 video submissions from students across our district and we are so proud of all of the hard work they put into making their videos fun and creative!”

NPSB is planning an ongoing social media campaign called “Come See Our Progress.” This campaign will consist of multiple videos showcasing all of the amazing things we have happening in our school district this year. Amsden Pasch will serve as NPSB Kid Superintendent for the 2021-2022 school year and will work with Dr. Grant Eloi to show the community everything the Board has planned for Natchitoches Parish Schools.

To see an example of what videos and content the public can expect to see within this campaign, please visit https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057636872022.

  • Alyssa and Kinley Harnage, Kindergarten, Fairview Alpha Elementary
  • Amsden Pasch, 5th grade, NSU E-Lab
  • Beck Adams, 3rd grade, NSU E-Lab
  • Eliana Hawkins, 4th grade, NSU E-Lab
  • Genesis Conday, 5th grade, M.R. Weaver Elementary
  • Guille Reynolds, 3rd grade, NSU E-Lab
  • Janiya Harris, 5th grade, Natchitoches Magnet
  • Jolene Seaman, 2nd grade, NSU E-Lab
  • Khloe Kaufman, 3rd grade, NSU E-Lab
  • Nikeo Collins, 2nd grade, Natchitoches Magnet
  • Peyton Helaire, Natchitoches Magnet
  • Rhett Manuel, 2nd grade, Natchitoches Magnet
  • Ricky Issac, 2nd grade, Natchitoches Magnet
  • Shelby Gallien, 5th grade, Natchitoches Magnet
  • Victor Bardney, 2nd grade, Natchitoches Magnet