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Caron Coleman


As the Principal of NSU Elementary Laboratory School, I welcome you to our amazing school!  I have been blessed to serve the families and students of this extraordinary school for 14 years, two as a Teacher and twelve as the Principal. 

Our school is rich in history and tradition.  We take pride in our family atmosphere that provides creative learning opportunities for our students.  When you enter our doors you are greeted with a smile and treated like family. 

Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for young students that will prepare them for success.  With continued partnerships with our families and community, we will continue to show record achievements at E-Lab! 

My Honor to Serve,

Caron Coleman

Vision and Mission

Where future leaders flourish and excellence thrives

School Statistics

NSU Middle Lab School has earned an “A” grade on the Student Report Cards since 2011.  The school has earned “Top Gains” Status two of those years. School Report Cards are based on two factors, the student achievements of the current students (95%) and the academic success of those who have moved on to 9th grade (5%). See a copy of our latest School Report Card in the documents section.

Application Process

The first step to applying to NSU Middle Lab School is to visit us! Our faculty, administration, and students are happy to show you what we have to offer.

The next step is to fill out an application, as well as attach any necessary documentation of your current academic progress. We accept applications year round; however, the application deadline for the next academic year is May 20. While you are at school to drop off your application, be sure to schedule an applicant and parent interview with the school administration.

The first round of decisions for any academic school year is made in June. Many factors go into the decision-making process. The first available openings go to children of NSU faculty and staff members. Siblings of current NSU Middle Lab and NSU Elementary Lab students receive second priority. Then, available space for each grade level is filled with applicants. Any other applicants are placed on a waiting list.

If we have an opening for you, you must hold your spot by filling out the Enrollment Agreement and Paying the $100 Registration Fee.

If an opening was not available for you the first year you applied, don’t give up! You must re-apply every year or call the office to let us know that you are interested in updating your application to be considered for the following year.

Cost to Attend

As soon as you are accepted to NSUM, you must hold your spot by filling out the Enrollment Agreement and paying the $100 Annual Registration Fee.

The Registration Fee is assessed for the following: Supplies (35%), Art (5%), Purchase and Maintenance of Technology (30%), Library Books (15%) and Professional Development (15%).

Tuition is paid to Northwestern State University for the upkeep of facilities and stipends to teachers who meet the master teacher requirements and will be serving as cooperative teachers for NSU Methods Students and observers.

The cost of one student to attend NSU Middle Lab School is $2200 per year. Tuition for additional siblings in either NSU Laboratory School is discounted by $500, and costs $1700. Payments may be made throughout the year, but must be paid in full by May 31.

NSUM 2021 Open House

  • Join us on Monday, August 9th at 5:30 p.m. for our 2021 Open House event!

Once a month we have a Club Day. Every teacher advises a club that is centered around interests of students. Club activities include drama, crafting, golf, community service, chess, and many others.

After school, it may be time to go to an athletic team practice. Students can be part of many teams, including football,  cheerleading,  basketball, baseball, and softball.

You may also be interested in after-school clubs like 4-H and Junior Beta. On Wednesday mornings, you can join a group of students who work together to make the school a better place, the Student Council.

Academic Standards

NSU Middle Lab School prides itself on the academic achievements of our students. Our “A” grade on our School Report Card is verification of our success as a school. We have students with varying academic needs, so we meet the students “where they are” to help them become successful with an academically gifted program, talent programs, as well as a special education program.

Students can earn high school credits in Algebra I, Art I, and Orchestra I before stepping foot on a high school campus. Field experiences provide hands-on experiences that are aligned with current academic standards and enhance classroom experiences.

NSU Middle Lab School strives for all students to achieve the Louisiana State Standards. The State Standards for Math and English/Language Arts were revised through a review process and are new for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. To learn more about the Louisiana State Academic Student Standards and Grade Level Expectations, visit this page on the Louisiana Believes Website.

Academic Study Skills and Resources

As part of NSU Middle Lab’s ongoing efforts to improve student achievement, teachers school-wide are implementing study skills. One way we are helping students is by teaching them how to take Cornell Notes, a widely-used note taking system originally developed for students to learn how to study in college by Walter Paul, a former professor at Cornell University. We believe that it’s never too early learn to study, so we are helping students use this learning tool now. There are many resources on Cornell Notes, but you can check out this resource from Cornell University.

Another free resource we recommend is Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a series of video and practice exercises for many subjects, such as mathematics, computer science, and world history, so students are likely to find a video on what they are learning in class or just an area of interest that we cannot offer.


HomeworkLouisiana offers FREE online tutoring and academic resources from Tutor.com for Louisiana residents from kindergarten through adult learners. Get help in math, science, social studies, or English from a live tutor. These services can be accessed from a Louisiana public library, from your home computer, or from your mobile device.

Find out more here.

Summer Reading Program

Along with the fun and relaxation of summer, we ask our students to include some summer reading. Students are asked to read at least 3 books from the Summer Reading List or any appropriate book on their reading level.  If your child chooses a book not on the list, you will want to check www.arbookfind.com to make sure there is an AR test available for that title.

See the reading lists for all grade levels in the documents section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my child is learning?

The first place a parent should go is the Student Agenda. The agenda is more than just a calendar. The agenda is a way for students to learn how to be responsible by writing down assignments, future quizzes, and tests. Students should be writing what they are learning in every class. The agenda is also the place to learn about your child’s behavior. Behavior forms are in every agenda, and unwanted behavior is documented there. Also, students who receive 0-1 infractions (everyone makes mistakes!) are rewarded for their good behavior at the end of every grading period.

How do I know what the school’s policies and procedures are?

You can find the student handbook in your child’s agenda. You will find information about dress codes, grading scales, and much more.

How can I monitor my child’s academic progress?

Grades are entered online and you can view them through the Student Progress Center. You need to set up your username and password with your child’s social security number and you can link other children in your family who go to school in the parish. The handbook for the Student Progress Center can be found here.

Does your child need more help?

See the resources available under Academics or contact your child’s teacher via email, which can be found on the Faculty/Staff Section below.

How can I become more involved in the school?

Parents are a part of the team that makes NSU Middle Lab a great place to learn. One group of parents actively help us by raising funds and using those funds to improve the school, the Parents Action Committee (PAC). To become more involved with PAC, call the school to find out the next meeting time or like them on Facebook.

Please refer to these resources for more information about the plans the Natchitoches Parish School Board has implemented to establish an effective and successful school system for Natchitoches Parish.


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