NPSB Instructional Resources for Covid-19                      

The OPTIONAL web-based learning opportunities listed below are platforms that we currently use and/or resources that prepare students for college and career.  Several of these digital platforms will allow teachers to stay connected to their students, provide instructional support, and celebrate student success.

There will be no grades or attendance taken during the next four weeks. The instructional materials we provide are OPTIONAL  for students.

Resources will be added regularly!

Dear Education Community,

The spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, has created a temporary new normal in our great state of Louisiana and the nation. The life that we were accustomed to has been completely changed and the education of our students has been drastically altered for the near future. I want to thank each of you for making the health, safety, and protection of students your number one goal.

Closing schools in an effort to flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19 has created the need to suspend certain laws. This week, Senator Cleo Fields, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, Representative Ray Garofalo, Chair of the House Education Committee, Sandy Holloway, President of BESE, and Beth Scioneaux, Interim Superintendent requested executive action to ensure that the necessary laws were suspended.

As a result, I will be issuing a proclamation in the coming days to address these issues, and I want to ensure you are aware of what will be included.

Please note that some of the suspensions in the proclamation will be effective only if the United States Department of Education (US DOE) grants a waiver of the relevant provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The proclamation will require the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) to apply for the federal waiver and will require BESE to adopt emergency rules as necessary to effect the suspension of the statutes described in the Executive Order. Below is a summary of the proclamation grouped by the type of action taken.

Testing Administration

La. R.S. 17:24.4, La. R.S. 17:4023, La. R.S. 47:6301 (8)(2)(ii}, and BESE Bulletin 741 will be suspended for the entirety of the 2019-2020 school year. These provisions mandate the annual administration of the Louisiana Education Assessment Program (LEAP} and End of Course examinations for public school students and students at nonpublic schools participating in the Louisiana Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence program. These suspensions will be effective only upon receipt of a federal waiver from the relevant provisions of ESSA.

School and District Accountability

La. R.S. 17: 10 .1 and La. R.S. 17:391 .2 et seq. will be suspended for the entirety of the 2019-2020 school year. These statutes provide for public school accountability and assessment, including the School and District Accountability System. These suspensions will be effective only upon receipt of a federal waiver from the relevant provisions of ESSA.

Teacher Evaluation and Credentialing

La. R.S. 17:3881 et seq., La. R.S. 17:3901 et seq., and La. R.S. 17:3997(0) will be suspended for the entirety of the 2019-2020 school year. These provisions relate to the use of value- added data in teacher evaluation and as criteria for receipt of teaching credentials. These suspensions will be effective only upon receipt of a federal waiver from the relevant provisions of ESSA.

Student Attendance

La. R.S. 17:221 and La. R.S. 17:232 will be suspended for the entirety of the 2019-2020 school year. These provisions establish compulsory attendance for all students and require schools to check attendance daily.

Teacher Work Days

La. R.S. 17: 154.3 will be suspended for the entirety of the 2019-2020 school year. This section of statute requires teachers to work a minimum number of days per school year.

Charter School Application and Enrollment

La. R.S. 17:399l(C)(1) will be suspended for the entirety of the 2019 -2020 school year. This section of statute requires charter schools to adhere to certain student application and enrollment procedures.

I want to acknowledge and thank each and every one of you for your efforts to help promote distance learning. I would encourage you to continue to use resources like Louisiana Public Broadcasting's educational programming, because the education of our students is extremely important. I also want to thank you for coming together during this challenging time to support our students, families, teachers, and school staff. We all play an important role in changing our behavior to contain COVID-19 and protect the health of everyone in our communities.


John Bel Edwards


ELA/Social Studies



  • Choose a chapter book for students to read. Have students read the book for 30 minutes a day.  When the book is completed work with students on creating a book report.Book Report Ideas-
  • Scholastic Reading Opportunities: This site offers students in grade K-3 fiction and nonfiction texts with activities that support the text being read.  It incorporates science and social studies content.
  • News ELA
  • Magic Keys
  • Read WorksOpen Up Resources -Full curriculum and community resources
  • EpicRead alouds, videos, and activities
  • Storyline OnlineRead Alouds with activities
  • Library of Congress Educational ResourcesEducation Resources from the Library of Congress
  • Smithsonian Learning LabThe Smithsonian Learning Lab puts the treasures of the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex within reach. The Lab is a free, interactive platform for discovering millions of authentic digital resources, creating content with online tools, and sharing in the Smithsonian’s expansive community of knowledge and learning.
  • PBS Learning MediaCurated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more just for teachers
  • National Geographic KidsExplore countries around the world, along with other National Geographic content
  • Indianapolis Public Library100+ Free Video Read Alouds
  • Digital Public Library of America- DPLA E-Learning Resources and Online Exhibitions


K-1- Eureka Math

Starting next Wednesday, March 18, we are going to share—free to anyone—recorded daily lessons in Grades K–12 of Eureka Math, K–8 of Wit & Wisdom, and 3–5 of PhD Science. These lessons will be delivered by Great Minds’ own teachers and will be viewable on any device.

Please go to

Kindergarten Mission 5 (Major Work)

First Grade Module 4

First Grade Module 6

2nd-5th Grade-Zearn Math

Problem sets are hyperlinked below for students who have limited or no internet access.  The website will provide daily video lessons beginning March 18.  These videos align with Zearn and Eureka math for grades K-5

Students can use paper and pencil to complete Zearn work and it is recommended that students complete 4 lessons per week.

2nd Grade Mission 5, Mission 6, Mission 7, and Mission 8

3rd Grade Mission 5, Mission 6, and Mission 7

4th Grade Mission 5, Mission 6, and Mission 7

5th Grade Mission 5 and Mission 6

6th-8th Grade –

Khan Academy is a free resource for students, teachers, and parents.

What is Khan Academy? We offer exercises, quizzes, and tests so students can practice and master skills, as well as instructional videos to help students learn or review material.

  • Khan Academy has a library of standards-aligned lessons covering kindergarten through early college math, grammar, science, history, AP® courses, SAT® preparation, and more.
  • Students can practice skills with exercises, quizzes, and mastery challenges and get immediate feedback and support.
  • Khan Academy is available in 40 languages.
  • Students without laptops can access the Khan Academy website or use the Khan Academy app on smartphones

6th-8th Grade Paper-Based Option- Illustrative Math Student Practice Problems

Solutions to practice problems with instructions can be found at this link:

3-5 Science


Username:sciencestudentcovid19@tryamplify.netPassword: COVID2019

Dear High School Students,

Below are many resources and websites compiled by your teachers. Please access the resources below that align to the courses you are currently enrolled in. Should you have any further questions about your course content, please access your school website to see a list of emails addresses for your teachers. You have the opportunity to email your teachers. Further, please continuously check your Student Progress Center school notes for updates and additional information from your teachers.

ACT Prep - (Click on the areas that you need help in)

*Access the Natchitoches Parish Library Online—Sign up for a free library card as a parish resident—Access Learning Express Library—Access College Admissions Test Preparation—Choose ACT Materials


Algebra I

Using our SpringBoard Algebra I textbooks and the following links as support you may follow this outline to keep up with your Algebra I lessons.  *Be sure to see links below for instructional support.

Week 1 (Mar. 18- Mar. 20) :  Activity 26 Factoring Polynomials pgs. 385-392

Week 2 (Mar. 23-27):  Scheduled Spring Break

Week 3 (Mar. 30- Apr. 3):  Activity 27 Factoring Trinomials pgs. 393-402 *Look for "Slip & Slide" for factoring trinomials on YouTube.

Week 4 (Apr. 6- Apr. 9):  Activity 29 (skipping Activity 28) Intro. to Quadratic Functions pgs.423-432

Week 5 (Apr. 13-): Scheduled to return

*  Supportive instructional links (search under the titles of your lessons):

                -  Khan Academy:

 - YouTube:  (be careful as to the value of the content).  One youtuber recommended is Brian Mc Logan.

Algebra II

SpringBoard –

Khan Academy -

YouTube -   (find any lesson to research)

Algebra III

This is the book we did all of our lessons from.  It has notes, examples, problems and answers:

Business Math & Financial Literacy



English I

  1. Ck-12 Foundation
  2. Common Lit
  3. News ELA

English II

English III

                ACT practice/prep:

    • At the end of the day, nothing will prepare you better for the ACT than actually answering some practice tests under conditions that mimic those at the actual test. This is exactly what you will find at The Princeton Review. After you have completed the test, you will also get a comprehensive score report that gives you details of how you performed. You will be able to see which sections you scored well in and which ones you scored poorly. Going through this report will help you understand what you need to focus on to improve your overall score.
    • Think you are as prepared as you can be for the ACT? Go to McGraw-Hill Practice Plus website. Answer their practice tests to determine if you really are as ready as you think.
    • At this site, you will find 4 practice tests that are laid out in the same format as the real test. Answering all 4 practice tests will help you get more familiar with the structure and format of the test. It will also help you get a real picture of how ready you are for the real exam.
    • The Prep Factory is another highly valuable resource that has top-notch content that is very helpful. It requires you to sign up with your email ID to access the available content. But, the website is essentially free.
    • The information is neatly sorted into separate categories, which makes it easy to sift through and access relevant information. Overviews are offered for math, reading, science, and English with videos, notes and short quizzes to make sure that all aspects are covered and the matter has been learned adequately.
    • has a study guide zone that provides you with invaluable tools for your ACT preparation like flashcards, study guides and practice exams to help boost your scores. There are several tips and tutorials for the essay portions as well, apart from time management, handling anxiety before your exam and other issues you might face during preparation.
    • They also provide exercises that promote skill-building in basic grammar, comprehension and reading for the English portion and Geometry and Algebra I exercises for Math

Book list websites:

English IV

  1. United State Holocaust Museum
  2. Yad Vashem (Israeli Holocaust Museum)
  3. CK-12:
  4. PBS Learning Media:
  5. Google Arts and Culture:
  6. EdX:
  7. Khan Academy Grammar:
  8. Ted Talks:
  9. Read Write Think:



Biology  (my class code is X25ST3Q5)

Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics

Science News for Students

 Online Lessons and Courses for Chemistry:

Online Lessons and Courses for Physical Science:

 Forces and Newton's laws of motion

 Centripetal force and gravitation

 Work and Energy

 Oscillations and Mechanical Waves

Online Lesson and Courses for Physics:

 Electric Charge and Field Potential

 Magnetic forces, magnetic field potential and Faraday's law

 Electromagnetic waves and Interference

 Special relativity

 Quantum physics

Environmental Science

Class code: bwfbjw

Join my "Environmental Science 2020" class on Quizlet:



Annenberg Classroom -

ICivics -


Social Studies Sample Scope and Sequence Updated - Civics PDF  ( page 190 on)

                Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis

                Economic Lowdown series.

U.S. History

World Geography


  1. Scroll down until you can see the different courses.
  2. Click the “geography” tab
  3. Start with Lesson 1 and End on Lesson 4

Rand McNally

  1. Sign in using
    1. Username: sgreen
    2. Password: chiefs
  2. Click the “Tools” tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click “Lesson Plan”
  4. Start with the “Pacific Ring of Fire”

Sheppard Software

  1. Click on the “USA” tab located at the top of the screen.
  2. Go through the different levels of learning for the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.
  3. Move to Europe and do the same thing.   Once done with Europe, you can move to Central Asia , Russia and the Middle East.
  4. Once done with that move to Africa and do the same
  5. Once done with Africa, move to Asia and cover China, Mongolia, Japan, North/South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia

**Note: you may have to search for some of the areas. The search box is located in the top right corner of the screen**

World History

1st website:

Free 30 trial risk free- Sign up for an account

Great resource for my World History students that will follow many of the same lessons that we would cover in the class.

Start with Chapter 18- Enlightenment & World Revolutions through Chapter 26- The 21st Century

(We were about to start the Enlightenment/French & American Revolutions in class next)

Tom Richey/Hip Hughes History Videos/Worksheets- We used in class to supplement instruction.         or check out

Videos to watch:

Enlightenment -Locke and Hobbes


French Revolution- Part 1-5

Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna

Industrial Revolution


WWI- Videos ranging from start/weapons/cause & effects

Rise of Fascism and WWII Videos

Hitler and the Nazi Reich

Cold War

Vietnam War

Modern Times/Terrorism


Great online lessons, audio & visual PowerPoints, tests. Requires account



General Free Art Websites

Name Mandala instructions

Blending with colored pencil

Creating a portrait in pencil

Applying paint

Color Wheel

Paper Mache (3D project)

Watercolor Basics

Health/Physical Education & APE

Library Sciences

1.  Virtual field trips


Username natchitoches1 

Password parish

3.  Scholastic online learning at home



  2. Conducting Artistry YouTube Channel –
  3. Percussion – under “education” tab


  1. All-State Etudes (Set 1) –
  3. Free Music Notation Software –





Spanish I/II

  4. (this is the actual En espanol textbook, free online)
  5. (free online verb, vocabulary and grammar practice for levels 1 and 2 students)



    1. This is the site that is a companion to the text book.  They can access notes, activities, etc. for their book.
    2. ISBN-13:978-0-538-44756-0
    3. ISBN-10:0-538-44756-7
    4. These are the ISBN numbers they will need to create a username and login.
  1. These are College level sites. 
    1. They will only understand these sites if the basics of accounting. (Which my students have.)  But these are for college level courses.
    2. (
    3. (
    4. (
    5. (
    6. (
    7. (
    8. (
    9. (
    10. (


  1. Any student wishing to stay up to date on agriculture can use the following websites to be enriched during this break:
  2. is a website where students can learn more about agriculture through articles. Simply type the word agriculture in the search bar and 36 articles should pop up with updated information everyday. 
  3. is the website where students can find out more information and even practice exams to stay up on their FFA contest. 
  4. is the website where students can find and contact Louisiana FFA with any questions. Louisiana FFA will also update their calendar with events and schedules for state operations as those become available.  

Business Law

  2. Students of business law can further enrich themselves by finding an online copy of the text book "Introduction to Business Law" (2019, J.F. Beatty & S.S. Samuelson) from the following website.

Family & Consumer Sciences (ProStart, Nutrition, Child Development, Baking/Pastries

  3. – From Garcia: this website has a username and password for each student. They can access this on student notes. It was sent out this morning.



Business Computer Applications & Word Processing

  • Students can go to this website and access the WordIt! Series book that we have been working on in Word Processing.
  • The WP students can just continue from where they left off.
  • BCA students can begin on Activity 1 (page 1) and work on these activities. There are 50 different activities.


Medical Terminology

Class code: vbedap


Join my "Medical Terminology" class on Quizlet:

Quest for Success



                Keys to Your Future

  • EverFi requires your personal login that you came up with.  Mrs. Walker has a copy of you user name and password—email


Business&ITcenter21  (

Virtual Workplace Experiences II

  1.> customer service content
  2. Khan Academy-> Careers, Entrepreneurship 

The Department of Exceptional Student Services (DESS) is working in collaboration with the NPSB Curriculum Team on instructional materials. If you have specific

questions regarding your child’s IEP or special education services, contact Danna LaCaze at or Shelia McDonald at

Parents: This is not meant to increase pressure or stress for you or your child. The resources listed are simply options to explore during this time of unprecedented disruption in our education system. Do what is best for your family. If you need assistance, please reach out to your child’s teacher or email questions/concerns to


*If you need access to paper-based or printed material, email or leave a voicemail at (318) 357-7180 letting us know how to reach you.

  • Accessibyte - Makes fun, interactive, fully accessible apps for users who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, have dyslexia, or other reading difficulties.

  • Google Tools for Struggling Students – Chrome extensions for struggling students and those with special needs

  • Learning Without Tears - Providing free access to award-winning online programs supporting handwriting instruction, keyboarding, and early learning skills.

  • Special Needs for Special Kids - This site is uploading bi-weekly lessons in an online learning environment for students with moderate and/or significant disabilities.

  • Widgit - Offering a free 21-day trial that would be great for creating visual schedules for kids to use at home to help provide some structure and predictability.

  • There are several instructional opportunities listed under K-8 that offers text-to-speech features and that are tailored to meet various learning abilities:

    • Zearn, Epic, Scholastic Reading, LPB

Additional Resources

Reading and conversing with your child is recommended. Limit the amount of time spent on each academic task to 20-30 minutes. Take breaks. Have fun! Learning should not be stressful. Lots of learning can happen at home without worksheets and screens. Play outside when the weather is nice, make crafts from simple items at home, and spend time together!

  • Age of Learning is providing schools with free home access to the following programs with code SCHOOL3673:

    • Early Learning Academy - Comprehensive, research-validated curriculum for preschool through second grade.

    • Adventure Academy - Educational multiplayer online game for elementary and middle school students with thousands of learning activities.

    • ReadingIQ - Digital library and literacy platform for students 12 and under designed by reading experts to improve literacy skills.

  • At Home - Launched by Louisiana Public Broadcasting in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education.

  • Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr - Teacher-approved content, games, and tools.

  • Drawing Prompts – Quick and easy printable templates for your kiddos who like to draw and create masterpieces

  • eSpark Learning – Free at home access to differentiated math and reading platforms for students in grades K-5.

  • NASA– The entire collection of images, sounds, and video are available and publicly searchable online.

  • n2y Solutions – (Creator of Unique Learning System) is working to give everyone free access to programs, including News-2-You, Positivity, L3 Skills, and SymbolStix Prime. This should be available by Sunday, March 22. Check back for updates (DESS will post an access code if one is required for parents).

  • Storyline Online - Books read out loud by authors / famous people

  • Wilbooks – Offering free reading resources for Pre-K through 3rd grade. Over 1,000 online books (English and Spanish), over 100 educational videos, poetry, and more.

  • XtraMath® - Helps students transition from counting or calculating the basic math facts to recalling them.

Explaining COVID-19 to Children

There's so much talk about the virus on the media and no reason for our students to feel nervous or scared. Here are some social stories about COVID-19 and how to stay healthy:

“Let's Talk About The Coronavirus” Social Narrative Video (UM-NSU):

Flu/Illness Social Story (Autism Speaks):


Departmental Staff

Susan Horne
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Alyson Erikson
Supervisor of Elementary Education
Sarah Rachal
Supervisor of Middle School Education
Felicia Pinkney
Director of Operations
Demetris Jackson