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Lunch Menus 2021

School Food Service Standards

Nutrition Standards
We participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) which is governed by federal (United States Department of Agriculture) and state (Department of Education) regulations. The menu planning system required by the NSLP is designed to provide children with approximately one-third of the key nutrients and calories they need according to the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA’s).

Offer Verses Serve
In an attempt to reduce food waste, amendments to the National School Lunch Act introduced the Over Verses Serve (OVS) provision. This amendment mandated that students may choose any three, four or five lunch components. A student’s decision to decline food items or accept smaller portions does not affect the charge for lunch. However, all students are encouraged to take the entire lunch.

Child Nutrition Program
You may download the Diet Prescription form here.

Apply For Lunch

Attention Parents, the following schools will be offering free breakfast and lunch: East Natchitoches, Fairview Alpha, Frankie Ray, Goldonna, Lakeview, L. P . Vaughn, Marthaville, NCHS, NJH, Magnet, Provencal and Weaver. There is no need to apply for “free/reduced” lunch if your child is enrolled at any of the schools previously listed. However, if your student is enrolled at NSU-E Lab or NSU-Middle Lab and you are in need of a “free/reduced” lunch please, click the link below and fill out the application. Again, If your student is NOT enrolled at NSU-E Lab or NSU-Middle Lab, there is no need to fill out the application.

Applyforlunch.com – Apply Now

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Departmental Staff

Shauna Hicks
Child Nutrition District Manager
Valerie McCoy
Child Nutrition Secretary
Connie Gallion
Child Nutrition Specialist