• Health Services

Health Services

NPSB offers a wide range of health services to our students!

Health Services

Schools are staffed with knowledgeable, board certified nurses and we strive to provide the best possible care available to all of our students.

The application and enrollment process is now handled online. Schools may opt to print and distribute enrollment forms and/or allow parents to enroll online themselves. The NPSB provider is Markel.

Markel Customer Service Information
Phone: 1-877-444-5014
E-mail: Markel.info@sevencorners.com
Markel Student Accident Insurance ONLINE Application

Departmental Staff

Rebecca Phillips
LA4 Pre-K Resource Coordinator
Sarah Allison, RN
Magnet School Nurse Coordinator
Charley Gandy, RN
NSUE Nurse
Anne Hester, RN
L.P. Vaughn School Nurse
Alyse Jackson, RN
L.P. Vaughn School Nurse
Janet Thompson, LPN
L.P. Vaughn Special Ed.
Ashley Jordan, RN
Marthaville/NSUM School Nurse
Laura Mayeaux, RN
Rene' Lewis, RN
NCHS School Nurse
Leslie Wren, RN
NJH School Nurse
Lindsay Waters, RN
Fairview Alpha School Nurse
Jackie Norsworthy, RN
Provencal School Nurse